Designed to OrganizeAiding you in organizing, decluttering and creating beautifully designed spaces to maximize comfort and livability
What We Do

We often live or work in disorganized and cluttered spaces. We have no time in our busy lives to properly organize and maintain those spaces. We don’t know how to design functional, organized, beautiful environments for ourselves or our families. Designed to Organize can help.

We create processes and techniques that will allow clients to organize, declutter, plan space, move, etc. while simultaneously designing original spaces into new, functional and creatively planned environments for optimal and continued organization.

Designed to Organize offers organizing and design services to help our clients manage cluttered and disorganized spaces. We help with decluttering, organizing and redesign of existing spaces to help clients maximize their storage and space planning potential to help keep them organized in the future.

We offer various organizational services including:

  • Home Design/Organization
  • Business Design/Organization
  • Business Accounting/Bookkeeping Organization
  • Home Office Design/Organization
  • Moving Organization
  • Computer File/Folder Organization
  • Extreme Cleaning/Organization
  • Decluttering/Cleaning
Kim Petro

Kim’s love for all things designed and organized aids her every day in helping clients create their own beautiful and comfortable havens.

What are people saying?

“She has a passion for creating things and has an intense listening capacity.”
“I feel secure that she is going to accomplish what I want in the room. Her passion & professionalism for creating what I need and want is apparent and that she has my best interest at heart.”
“Kim has an exciting passion in creating ideas a person would never consider and presents them in a clear and precise presentation.”

I feel it’s important, first and foremost, to establish trust with my clients. I want them to know that I am there to support them in their endeavor to organize and will strive to help them achieve that goal by whatever means that makes them feel at ease. Each client thinks and feels differently, and it’s part of my job to understand that and to develop a plan that works for that client. Personalized planning is essential to creating a design that will be functional and comfortable for that client.


Organizing is our speciality!

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