Organizing 101: An Interview with Kim Metter

Organizing 101: An Interview with Kim Metter

Recently I sat down with Dayton Most Metro to answer some questions about organizing. Enjoy!


Kim Metter – Professional Organizer and Owner of Designed to Organize, LLC

Kim Metter, owner of Designed to Organize, LLC, has always enjoyed putting things in their place and organizing the clutter. So much so that she decided to take her passion for organizing and create her own professional organizing business. Designed to Organize opened in July of this year and specializes in professional organizing and interior design.

Recently, we sat down with Kim to ask her some questions about her business and what they do.

Question: What made you want to become a professional organizer?

Answer: I have always enjoyed tidying up. Nothing makes me happier than organizing and making order out of chaos. I have a natural affinity for it. In every professional position that I have held, I have ended up organizing something. It’s like I can’t help it, I find something that needs to be organized and I just do it. I enjoy it immensely, it calms and centers me and makes me feel happy and fulfilled. I decided that with all of the organizing projects that I have completed over the years and the experience that I have had I needed to translate that into a career. I started planning Designed to Organize, LLC six years ago and decided that this was the year to pull the trigger.

Question: What is your organizing philosophy?

Answer: It is one of simplicity and logic. We require homeostasis (the tendency to maintain internal stability) to feel and perform at our best. When we are surrounded by clutter and chaos, we cannot be our best. We are stressed out, we become angry and we can lash out at others without realizing why we are doing it. We don’t feel calm or happy because our environment is not conducive to it. Clearing the clutter and organizing the chaos can eliminate that stress in our lives. We may have little control over the outside factors that cause us stress, but we can control the stress derived from living and working in cluttered and disorganized spaces. By getting and staying organized we are balanced, we perform better at our jobs, our home lives are better and we are more happy overall. That’s what it’s all about, clearing the clutter and organizing the chaos so we can live more healthy and happy lives. 

Question: What are your favorite organizing tools?

Answer: I have so many, it is difficult to choose just one! My ultimate tool is probably my moleskin notebook that I use to make to-do lists or write down the many things that are racing through my head at any given time. I find that writing things down and organizing them into lists helps give me a road map to follow. That’s really half the battle, having a plan. If you have a plan to follow, the organizing part is pretty easy. Secondly, I love my label maker. Placing names on objects for quick reference is key. Whether you are organizing files in your office or dry goods in your kitchen pantry, the label maker is essential. I also have a love affair with Post-Its. I use them everyday for quick messages to myself or others, they help me stay organized for quick and short term tasks. They are really great for that.

Question: What thoughts enter your mind when you walk into a potential client’s space?

Answer: People think that they are judged on their space; that their disorganization or clutter is a direct reflection on them. Nothing is further from the truth. When I walk into a space that needs organization, I see nothing but potential. I see a project waiting to happen. I see the space as it can be, not as it is. If the space was perfectly organized, I wouldn’t be there in the first place! My goal is really to listen to the needs of the client. What is the space to be used for? What do you like or dislike about the space? What changes do you want to see in the space? All of my designs are client driven. I make sure that you are going to enjoy using the space as you intend to use it and that I leave you with the tools you will need to continue to keep the space organized and uncluttered so that the space can be used as it is intended.

Question: To conclude, what would you say to those people who say they can’t get organized?

Answer: Yes, you can. You may not be able to do it alone, and that’s okay. Getting the ball rolling is always the hardest part. But with my help, yes, you can.DtoOLogo

Kim is hosting Designed to Organize, LLC’s first monthly meeting entitled, Tidy Talks, Monday, the 24th of November at 7 p.m. at the Oakwood Starbucks located at 2424 Far Hills Avenue Oakwood, Ohio 45419.  Join her for tips, tricks and solutions that will be shared along with beverages and snacks. Please let her know you will be attending by following this link:

Designed to Organize, LLC aids clients in organizing, decluttering and creating beautifully designed spaces to maximize comfort and livablility.

Designed to Organize, LLC: Address: P.O. Box 291876 Dayton, Ohio 45429 

Phone: (937) 479-5387 Email:

Follow her on Facebook for quick tips and organizing ideas. 

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