About Us

Our Story

I started Designed to Organize, LLC because I love finding a place for everything. I have always had a desire to put things in their place, to organize the clutter. I also love to create and design beautiful, comfortable spaces in which to live and work.  Furthermore, I have a firm belief that the world is only as good as you make it. I enjoy helping others, especially when I can help them by lending my knowledge and talents . These ideals spurred me to create Designed to Organize, LLC. By planning and creating a beautiful and functional design, my clients can enjoy effortlessly organized spaces with little time spent on upkeep.

We often live or work in disorganized and cluttered spaces. We have no time in our busy lives to properly organize and maintain those spaces. We don’t know how to design functional, organized, beautiful environments for ourselves or our families. I wanted to take the passion and knowledge that I have for organization and design, and offer those services to others. Those who don’t know where to start, who can’t find the time because they are busy tackling the everyday tasks of life or those who have difficulty letting go of items… That’s where Designed to Organize, LLC comes in to help. With a concise plan, we will help our clients design beautiful and comfortable spaces that are well organized; a haven in which to live.

We offer organizing and design services to help our clients manage cluttered and disorganized spaces. We help with decluttering, organizing and redesign of existing spaces to help clients maximize their storage and space planning potential to help keep them organized in the future.