Our Clients

Clients come to us from all walks of life.  From young couples who need assistance with planning for a new baby to elderly clients who need help decluttering and organizing their established spaces, our clients are as diverse as their needs.  We relish the opportunity to help clients with any size project. We will help you develop a customized plan to tackle any organizing project and will walk with you every step of the way to ensure that your organizing goals become a reality.  This personalized plan will help to alleviate the stress and allow you to focus on the important things in life. 

Young Families: Those with small children to teens, young professionals who are just starting out and need help organizing when purchasing their first home or those saving and staying in apartments who need help organizing small spaces.

Empty Nesters: Those who’s children have moved out and they are in need of re-purposing spaces to those moving into smaller homes and need help with decluttering and organization.

Business Owners: Businesses large and small that need help with product organization, computer files/folders organization and those that need help with organizing their accounting and bookkeeping.

Movers: From Couples to Families to College Students, all these clients need help moving items in an organized manner and require help designing and organizing spaces after they have moved.

Elderly Clients: Those that are downsizing, those who are redesigning spaces, and those who may be moving into communities, these clients need help decluttering and sorting through items to downsize their livable spaces.

Hoarders: Those individuals suffering from a disorder that doesn’t allow them to throw items away or a compulsion to collect items to the point where they have no room to store them.

What We Do

Designed to Organize offer organizing and design services to help our clients manage cluttered and disorganized spaces. We help with decluttering, organizing and redesign of existing spaces to help clients maximize their storage and space planning potential to help keep them organized in the future.

We offer various organizational services including:

  • Home Design/Organization
  • Business Design/Organization
  • Business Accounting/Bookkeeping Organization
  • Home Office Design/Organization
  • Moving Organization
  • Computer File/Folder Organization
  • Extreme Cleaning/Organization
  • Decluttering/Cleaning
Our Pricing

General Pricing: $50 per hour . Please note, the price will fluctuate depending on size and scope of work being performed.